“Pejuang Liburan” is one of the series of Real Masjid. The series were created by the Indonesian writer Tonytrax. I feel that everyone should take time to read it because we can learn many lessons from this Islamic comic as well. The lessons that Tonytrax revealed here are some pieces of advice that everyone who read this comic should keep in the back of their minds. The message of the story is wrapped beautifully and the story is far from patronizing. It is also conveyed in popular contexts.

This comic is about the adventure of its three heroes, the three teenagers, Ibro, Bimbom, and Pepi. The story begins during the three heroes taking a school vacation by visiting Mr. Richard’s house in Kaliurang, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Accidentally, they get into difficulties on the way to get there. Moreover, they have to deal with a crime syndicate “Black Cat Death”. The villains are those who sell the Answer Keys of National Examination to anyone who dare to pay dearly for the sake of doing the examination easily.

Pepi’s bag is stolen on the train. Luckily, there is a mobile phone inside the bag whose alarm that always reminds him to perform night prayer. The alarm rings at every 3 o’clock in the morning. Then, they just wait for the alarm to ring from Pepi’s bag. They catch the thief easily by listening and looking for the source of the alarm sound. Unexpectedly, the thief is one of the Black Cat Death crime syndicate members. Since then, Ibro, Bimbom, and Pepi are haunted by the villains who will take a revenge because one of their members is thrown in jail. Their vacation turns out to be worse with the arrival of a “cigarette addict” a.k.a. a heavy smoker, Acheng.

Tonytrax is good at illustrating the Islamic values into the story. Another part of the comic that I like is when he tells the readers about the necessary qualities for an Imam. There are also parts of the stories about shamanism and polytheism, the importance of the Fard Salah that must be fulfilled five times a day, regardless of the circumstance, and so forth. We may say that da’wah can be depicted by lovely comic without conveying any complicated words. This is the comic of all ages.

This comic is a fun read through and through. It is also enlightening and well-drawn. The colors are vibrant and the characters are drawn in a very mannered style. So, this is a perfect way to read the entire book from beginning to end.


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